Mega Cloud Stacker

Supplemental Info Page

Just some useful bits and links to hopefully make someone's life easier while using and finding resources for the Mega Cloud Stacker Pro tool from the "Factory" folks.

A Total Re-do of the Page Was Needed.  Thanks For Your Patience.

When we started this journey of trying to get more control over the look and feel of the stacked pages we began with a fairly well-known and popular static page builder which unfortunately produced some very... well..  let's just call it "unsanitary" code.  This caused unpredicible results and a lot of hiccups across different browsers and devices.  In addition, people that were unfamiliar with html & css were still having trouble getting exactly what they wanted.  We kept testing and looking at new things and hopefully have arrived at a point that has something for everyone including a very nice visual static page builder that should work for anyone that can produce a page in Publisher.

This video covers placing the assets that are produced by your static site builder and changing the necessary tags in the html code to  allow them to be served to many places from one location

This one covers the Mega Cloud Builder interface and how to insert your index page cleanly so that your page doesn't get mangled.

Here is a list of very solid static page builders..  Nicepage, at the top of the list is far and away the best choice for general ease of use and simple fine tuning for different device sizes and various browsers.  If you can use a desktop publishing app you are good to go with Nicepage.

Nicepage Bootstrap Studio Bootstrap Shuffle Pinegrow Builder

Below are all utilities to simplify manipulating files and permissions on various cloud properties.  The free versions are sufficient for almost all tasks.

S3 Browser MSP360   Explorer for Amazon S3 MSP360   Explorer for Google Cloud MSP360   Explorer for Azure Cloud Cyberduck